Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Tunis – TUNISIA. 

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Welcome to the official website of the Embassy of Nigeria in Tunis, Tunisia.
It is part of our effort to provide a more efficient and user friendly service to the public. You will find a great deal of information to help you with your enquiries on the services we provide, whether you are planning to visit Nigeria for pleasure or business or in need of any other form of assistance from the Embassy. We have also set up a means for Nigerian residents in Tunisia to register with us, in order to provide an interactive service between the Embassy and our fellow citizens.
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About us

The mission of the Embassy is to co-ordinate, promote and protect the national interests of Nigeria within Tunisia in ways that contribute to the enhancement of Nigeria’s security and socio-economic prosperity. Duties conducted by the Embassy include: Consular and Welfare matters, Immigration affairs, Bilateral Political and Multilateral Relations, Trade and Economic Affairs as well as information dissemination. And all general enquiries to assist Nigerian residents in Tunisia and the general public.

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Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

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Please use the contact email address: nigerian.embassy@gnet.tn to send us additional enquiries. Information in the e-mail should contain Name & Surname, Phone Number, Contact Address, and the subject matter.